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Civilian Aviation

Civilian aviation refers to the operation of aircraft and related services for non-military purposes.

This includes commercial airlines, private aircraft, and other public transportation services such as air taxis and charter flights.

Civilian aviation also includes recreational and leisure activities such as sightseeing flights, skydiving, and aerial photography.

Milatary Aviation

Military aviation, on the other hand, refers to the use of aircraft in the defense of a country and its national interests.

This includes air forces, naval aviation, and army aviation. The primary role of military aviation is to provide air support to troops on the ground, reconnaissance missions, transportation of personnel and equipment, and strategic bombing.

Military aviation dates back to the early 20th century when planes were used in World War I for reconnaissance and bombing missions

Naval Air Assests

Naval air assets refer to the aircraft and aviation services operated by a country’s navy.

These are deployed on naval vessels, including aircraft carriers, to provide support and protection in maritime operations. Naval air assets are crucial for detecting and countering threats from the air, as well as for conducting surveillance and search and rescue missions at sea.

The naval air assets of a country may include fighter jets, helicopters, and surveillance planes, among others.


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